Our 2022 Sailing Schedule

If you would like to book a weekend or longer cruise and it’s not on the schedule then please enquire using the booking form below (or call us on 01752 424 514). Extra dates can be added so if you can’t see a date that suits, just ask!

DatesExperiencePlaces Remaining
23/05/22 to 27/05/22RYA Day Skipper / Comp CrewFully Booked
28/05/22 to 29/05/22Weekend SailFully Booked
30/05/22Day SailFully Booked
31/05/22ICC AssesmentFully Booked
04/06/22 to 05/06/22Weekend SailFully Booked
20/06/22 to 24/06/22RYA Day Skipper / Comp CrewFully Booked
25/06/22Day SailFully Booked
26/06/22Day SailFully Booked
02/07/22 to 03/07/22Weekend SailFully Booked
09/07/22Day SailFully Booked
10/07/22Day SailFully Booked
11/07/22 to 15/07/22RYA Day Skipper / Comp CrewFully Booked
16/07/22 to 17/07/22Weekend Sail3
23/07/22Day SailFully Booked
24/07/22Day SailFully Booked
27/07/22 to 28/07/22Weekend Sail2
06/08/22Day SailFully Booked
07/08/22Day SailFully Booked
08/08/22 to 12/08/22RYA Day Skipper / Comp CrewFully Booked
13/08/22 to 14/08/22Weekend SailFully Booked
14/08/22Day Sail2
20/08/22Day SailOne Place Left
21/08/22Day SailOne Place Left
22/08/22 to 23/08/22Weekend Sail2
03/09/22 to 04/09/22Weekend SailFully Booked
10/09/22 to 11/09/22Weekend SailFully Booked
12/09/22 to 16/09/22RYA Day Skipper / Comp CrewFully Booked
17/09/22 to 18/09/22Weekend Sail4

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