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 Management Team

  • Katie Rich – Accounts and Enquiries
  • Nick Rich – Principal
  • Tim Sunderland – Chief Instructor

 Sailing Team

  • Nick Rich – Yacht Master Offshore
  • Tim Sunderland – Yacht Master Offshore / RYA Instructor
  • Mick Chantler – Yacht Master Offshore / RYA Instructor
  • Gail Wright – Yacht Master Offshore
  • Trevor Kirkin – Yacht Master Offshore
  • Mike Eggins- Yacht Master Offshore

Contact Info

  • E:
  • T: 01752424514

Company Details

  • Company number: 09363771
  • Address: 16 Barton Brake, Wembury, Devon, PL90BJ


  • Barclays Bank
  • Acc: 90868868 Sort: 20-60-88

Nick Rich (Skipper)

Gail Wright (Skipper)

Mick Chandler (Skipper / RYA instructor)

Tim Sunderland (Skipper / RYA instructor)

Trevor Kirkin (Skipper)

Mike Eggins (Skipper)

Katie Rich (Administration)

Yacht Charter

Bare Boat and Skippered. Modern performance boats

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Adventure Sail

Journey to the Channel Islands, Scilly Isles or the South West coast

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RYA Courses

RYA Sailing and Shore based courses

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Ready for the adventure?

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