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sailing holiday Devon

Meet our skippers: Nick Rich

By Core Info

A sailing holiday in Devon prompted Nick Rich to set up Devon Sailing Experiences in 2014.  He is in the hot-seat this week in the final post of our ‘Meet our Skippers’ series.

When did you first get the sailing bug?
When I worked in London about 20 years ago. I’d always liked the idea of being on the water with the freedom and adventure that comes with it. Although I had friends who owned powerboats, while it seemed convenient, it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue. I rather liked the elegance and ‘pureness’ of sailing, so I started sailing in the Solent.

What is your finest sailing memory?
I was doing a yacht delivery with the owner from Weymouth to Bordeaux. A few days in, we were sailing under a clear night near La Rochelle.  I was on watch under a broad reach with the asymmetric spinnaker flying, a warm breeze and the glow from the phosphorescence which was beautiful.

What is your favourite sailing destination on the south-west coast?
My current favourite is the Helford River. I always try to take our guests there during their sailing holiday in Devon.

What is your ‘go-to’ sailing meal when you are on the go?
Pasty or a Pot Noodle! When sailing, I clearly don’t worry about quality.

Force 3 or Force 5?
Depends on which point of sail I’m on. If it’s close to the wind then a 3 or if off the wind then 5 will do. In general,  I’m more keen on 3’s with as much sail area as I can fly.