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Synopsis: Sunny spells / 18C / NE F3-4

Hope the chaps from Bristol had a cracking stag weekend sailing – even if some of the party had a rather unsure view as to whether they’d be ok on the blue, wobbly stuff! The sun was shining and the winds were not too challenging. Proceedings started on Friday night with a night out in  Brixham for a few beers with skipper, Tim, offering “advice” (the chaps were all in their late 30’s) not to over do it. He seemed to have some influence and the lads were back on board just after 12.

Saturday started with bacon butties prepared by the skipper and, lets say, a not too perky start to the morning from the crews. The plan was to do some basic sailing techniques in the morning, with a race out to (the euphemistically named)  Shag rock and on to Dartmouth for the evening out. All started well with the lads getting accustomed to the boats (Spellbound and Witchcraft) pretty quickly. With Witchcraft being the quicker boat, it was decided the the least competent crew should be put on board, which caused some good natured banter as no one would admit to be least competent!

Spellbound took line honours by passing the North Cardinal (Dartmouth approaches) first. After that, the teams were dispatched off the Kingswear pontoon and the 2 skippers took their leave, with the chaps all set for the main event out.

Sunday is best left to the sore heads and recovery. Enthusiasm for the sail back was markedly lacklustre 🙁

Barry and his 8 friends booked out 2 boats using our weekend package. For more information on stag weekend sailing or stag yacht charters, please use the contact details at the bottom of the site.