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What on earth should I do with my 2 teenagers during the school holidays?

A cry we’ve heard more than once! You want to get them into the great outdoors – they want to play computer games. You want adventure – they want..…oh, hang on a minute, they want adventure, too!

Why not take to the water with a yacht charter in Devon? That’s exactly what one family from Bristol decided to do.

Upon arrival at King Point marina, Devon, the matriarch of the family was immediately impressed with the presentation of our spacious, brand new 40’ yacht. She commented on how immaculately clean and well laid out it was with 3 separate cabins, and she was absolutely over the moon with the fact it had an en-suite bathroom!

The trip organizer (aka, Dad) was impressed by the size and sleekness of the yacht. He was going to be in control of this beautiful Jeanneau 40’ yacht (with the support of a qualified skipper who would “do all the detail’ such as make sure everyone was safe and get them to the next location on their itinerary, but would leave them alone on the boat during the evenings).

And the 2 teenage sons? They didn’t have to share a room, so that was a good start. There were gadgets on board. Gadgets! What more does a boy need? They were not going to spend the whole holiday in one boring location – they were going to sail from port to port along the South Devon coast. They were going to sail their very own yacht.

Everyone’s a winner!