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sailing in september

The south west has seen a very good September so far this year for sailing, wind strengths have been no more than Force 5 and usually 3-4 and only  a mile off the coast the sun had shone whilst inshore it’s been hazy until mid afternoon.

With high pressure in control we usually get easterlies sometimes with a northerly component which means we make great progress to the west saving the beat for the journey home.  As a rule anything with a bit of north wind in it makes the south coast very easy to transverse, not only does the land prevent large swells or chop it also means we can go east or west fairly easily.

Depending on your point of view September can be a great month, the crowds have started to drift away, it’s still busy enough but the large crowds have gone with the start of the new school term. Settling down on board for dinner now tends to mean the light has faded or gone and the stillness of the harbour adds to the romantic feel.